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Welcome to our legacy borrower portal for Motto Mortgage.

If you applied for a home loan with Motto Mortgage:

  • before 12/18/2019: You will use this legacy portal until your current loan closes. When you work with us for your next loan, you'll use the all-new Motto Portal!
  • after 12/18/2019: Please go to myMottoPortal.com to fulfill document requests and check the status of your transaction.


Please note, this site is being decommissioned on March 15, 2020 and will not be accessible after that date. If you still have an active (i.e. unclosed) loan on March 1, 2020, please reach out to your Motto Mortgage loan originator to transition your loan to the new Motto Portal before this legacy site is shut down on March 15, 2020.


Thank you for being a Motto Mortgage customer. We're excited to show you the new Motto Portal on your next home purchase or refinance!


If we can help you with a new loan now, find your nearest Motto Mortgage office here. On the office's webpage, you can start your Motto Mortgage journey by applying with one of our local mortgage experts.


Each Motto Mortgage office is independently owned, operated, and licensed.

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